• Adoption of the report of Lebanon hampered by discussions about the inclusion of footnotes

    The adoption of the report of the Working Group of Lebanon was delayed for over two hours on Friday 12th due to a debate over the inclusion of footnotes.

    The review of Lebanon on the 10th witnessed several points of order by Israel when Lebanon and Syria mentioned the human rights violations resulting from the Israeli occupation of Lebanon and by Lebanon when Israel called the Hezbollah a terrorist organisation.

  • United States UPR for NGOs on Friday 5 November

    In the context of the Universal Periodic Review of the United States, the delegation is organising a "Town Hall meeting" for NGOs to discuss the human rights situation of the country. NGOs will have 1h30 to interact with the delegation and have their voice heard at this model UPR.

    This "Town Hall meeting" is the first one of its kind organised by a delegation. It will take place on Friday 5 November, 3.30 to 5 pm, Room XVIII in Palais des Nations.

  • Moroccan Ambassador appointed facilitator for the UPR review

    On Friday 29th, the Human Rights Council President appointed His Excellency Mr. Omar Hilale, Ambassador of Morocco, as facilitator for the UPR in the framework of the HRC review.

    According to the Presidential paper dated of August 30th, facilitators are selected to "facilitate the discussion on specific issues and consolidate inputs for consideration of the WG".