UPR Mid-term Reporting in Tbilisi

On November 15 and 16, UPR Info’s In-country Programme travelled to Tbilisi, Georgia to conduct a UPR workshop on Mid-term reporting with civil society organisations and the Public Defender’s Office (PDO). 

The two-day workshop marked the final step of UPR Info’s five-step engagement process with Georgia as a target country. 

The workshop was co-organised with a local partner organisation, the Open Society Georgia Foundation. The workshop began with a summary of what has been done in Georgia since the third cycle review. 


UPR Info then presented the guidelines for drafting a UPR Mid-term report and shared examples of how to present findings. A session on data collection was then held with a presentation on different types and sources of data that could be used for the Mid-term report. 


Participants were then split into thematic groups to begin clustering and analysing recommendations from the third cycle and their level of implementation. 

The following day, each group presented their findings and received feedback from UPR Info. 

The workshop ended with a presentation on advocacy around the submission of the Mid-term report and a group discussion on the next steps to ensure the completion of the drafting process and the submission of Mid-term reports. 


What are the Five Steps of UPR Info's In Country Programme?

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