UPR Agenda

In this section, you will find all organisational documents on the UPR and the HRC sessions.

UPR cycle calendars

UPR Cycle EN

Under the UPR, the human rights situation of all UN Member States is reviewed every 4.5 years. Each 4.5-year period is called a UPR cycle. This means that it takes 4.5 years to review all UN Member States. Calendars also include tentative or final deadlines to submit national reports. 

For tentative deadlines to submit other stakeholders reports, refer to your country page.

4th UPR cycle (2022-2027)3rd UPR cycle (2017-2021)2nd UPR cycle (2012-2016)1st UPR cycle (2008 – 2011)

UPR session timetables

There are three UPR Working Group sessions per year: in January/February, in April/May and in October/November. During each session, fourteen  countries are reviewed. A UPR WG session lasts two  weeks.



Timetable for UPR WG Sessions


Troika members

Timetable for UPR WG 41 

 7 November-          18 November 2022

Troikas for UPR WG 41

Timetable for UPR WG 42

22 January- 3 February 2023

Troikas for UPR WG 42 (Tbc)

HRC session programmes

The Human Rights Council holds three regular sessions per year. They take place in March (4 weeks), June (3 weeks) and September (3 weeks). Item 6 of the HRC regular sessions is dedicated to the UPR. It is under this Item that the HRC proceeds to the Adoption of UPR outcomes related to  countries which were previously under review.  Item 6 also provides for a general debate on the UPR among States and other stakeholders. 


Programmes of Work 


UPR outcome adoptions

Programme of Work for the 49th session 

28 February - 1 April 2022

Greece, Suriname, Samoa, Hungary, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Papua New Guinea, Tajikistan, United Republic of Tanzania, Eswatini, Antigua and Barbuda, Trinidad and Tobago, Thailand and Ireland.