• Belize sets shortest review record!

    The review of Belize today during the 5th session was the shortest in the UPR's history and its 67 reviews so far.

    Belize's interactive dialogue only contained 20 speakers and lasted just over 1:30; the previous record being 21 States and lasting 1:48 for Finland.

  • New HRC Secretariat document on the list of speakers

    The Secretariat of the Human Rights Council has summarized in a document the procedure on the opening of the list of speakers.

    Here are the main points:

    - from now on, the inscription for the two reviews of a given day will take place the day before 15 minutes before the begining of the afternoon review.

    - for the first day of the session, the inscription is at 9 am the very same day for both reviews.

  • HRC Bureau discusses UPR budgetary issues and the list of speakers

    The Human Rights Council (HRC) Bureau met on April the 22nd to discuss organisational matters, including on the Universal Periodic Review (UPR).

    The UPR, and the HRC as a whole, has been suffering from budgetary restrictions over the last months, threatening the 5th and 6th UPR Working Group. The documentation of the UPR is the most affected. Measures are being taken by the HRC President to solve this issue.

  • UPR Info launches a monthly newsletter on the UPR!

    UPR Info has launched in March the first newsletter on the UPR process.

    This newsletter is part of our latest efforts to provide our users with up-to-date and easy to access information.

    The newsletter will be delivered in your mailbox in the last days of every month. It will offer a short summary of the main UPR events of the month and gather all the news released on the website during that month.

  • Czech Republic clarifies its position on its recommendations!

    Czech Republic was reviewed on April 16 2008 during Session 1 of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review. In the addendum to the final report, the delegation provided general comments to recommendations clustered according to their topic but failed to give a clear position on each recommendation.