DPRK, first and only State to accept 0 UPR recommendations

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) is the first State reviewed under the UPR to not accept at least one recommendation among the 167 received. The delegation rejected 50 recommendations in the Report of the Working Group and left 117 pending. During the adoption of the Report at the Human Rights Council, DPRK provided general responses on certain recommendations without specifying which ones and did not identify any accepted recommendation. Before adopting the Report, Norway took the floor to request clarification on which recommendations were accepted. Cuba replied by saying that the delegation took note of these 117 recommendations and by doing so was fully complying with the practice. After a break, the DPRK restated taking note of these recommendations. France then asked for the floor to explain that its understanding of DPRK's responses was that no recommendation was accepted. The Report was then adopted.

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