CSO strategy workshop in Sierra Leone on implementation of UPR recommendations

On 7-9 April 2016, UPR Info, together with the Human Rights Defenders Network Sierra Leone (HRDNSL) and the Core UPR Working Group, organised the “CSO strategy workshop on implementation of UPR recommendations” in Bo City. During the three-day workshop, 45 CSO representatives discussed their experiences from Sierra Leones’ first UPR; reviewed the recommendations the state received during its second UPR in January 2016; drafted an implementation plan to propose ways to implement recommendations; and outlined an action strategy to identify advocacy activities to support the government in the implementation phase.

The workshop was attended by 40 civil society organisations working on a broad array of human rights topics including LGBTI rights, women’s empowerment, rights of the child, access to health, right to food, rule of law, rights of people with disabilities, rights of prisoners and freedom of expression. The workshop provided a timely platform for CSOs to discuss how the UPR can be employed as a vehicle for improving the human rights situation in Sierra Leone. It furthermore triggered strengthened cooperation among CSOs. At the end of the third day civil society representatives adopted an Outcome Charter containing a list of prioritiy concerns that will guide the their work on implementation of UPR recommendations.  An Outcome Report detailing the activities of the workshop can be consulted here.
The CSO workshop builds on Sierra Leone’s pre-session conducted in December 2015 and constitutes the first step of UPR Info’s follow-up activities in the country. The workshop benefitted from the presence of UPR Info’s Regional Representative for Africa and UPR Info is looking forward to continue its cooperation with all UPR stakeholders in the country.

A similar workshop was held in Niger in April 2015 and additional CSO workshops are planned in other countries during 2016. Visit our website, Facebook and Twitter regularly in order to stay up-to-date on recent developments.


Countries: Sierra Leone