Singapore rejects six recommendations considered as "based on incorrect assumptions or premises"

The Report of the Working Group of Singapore A/HRC/18/11 contains preliminary responses of the delegation to recommendations received during its review: 51 were accepted; 39 were pending; 15 were rejected for "reasons explained in the National Report and during the Interactive Dialogue" and 6 were rejected because "they are based on incorrect assumptions or premises".

Those six latter recommendations were made by Canada, Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom and were addressing issues such as civil society registration, defamation laws, freedom of association and peaceful assembly, freedom of opinion and expression and corporal punishment.

Before Singapore, only two States had rejected recommendations on similar grounds. Egypt rejected seven because they considered them as "inaccurate and/or factually incorrect" and Uzbekistan rejected also seven because there were "factually wrong". Both Egypt and Uzbekistan had been challenged by other States for giving those reasons to reject recommendations but Singapore was not.

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