New option for the Working Group timetables at the 2nd UPR cycle

A new option for the Working Group timetables was circulated today Friday 10 June.

This option follows the three first presented during an informal consultation on 27th May during which States and other stakeholders discussed the different issues pending from the HRC Review in relation to the second cycle of the UPR: timetable for each Working Group session, the order of review, the list of speakers, the general guidelines for the three documents and the Funds.

According to this new option, seven States would be reviewed per week and the Working Group adoptions would be held on Thursday and Friday afternoon of each week and not any more throughout the week.

States and other stakeholders are holding this afternoon a second informal consultation to discuss this new option for the Working Group timetables and a new version of the draft decision to be adopted by the HRC at its current 17th session.