New training material available

Thanks to The Carter Center* in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we share new training material dedicated to be used by trainers before the UPR. This extensive material aims to provide all information needed in order to successfully engage with the UPR; based on a pedagogical methodology, the trainees will be able to understand all aspects of the UPR and make benefit of all opportunities.

It is divided in eight sessions as follows:

Session 1: Introduction to the Training
Session 2: Summary of Human Rights
Session 3: Overview of the Universal Period Review
Session 4: Overview of Reporting to the UPR
Session 5: Drafting the Thematic Sections of the Report
Session 6: Before the Review at the HRC – Compiling the Report
Session 7: At the Review at the HRC
Session 8: After the Review

UPR Info had the advantage to edit and proofread the training material. Additional documents are included as annexes, and all of them are available both in English and French.

You are welcome to download in English and French the material.

* The Carter Center's overarching goal in DRC is to promote accountability, transparency and the respect of human rights through strengthening the capacities of both civil society actors and government institutions. Projects are currently being implemented in Kinshasa, Katanga, Bas Congo, Province Orientale and North Kivu. In Kinshasa, The Carter Center supports civil society in developing the technical and organizational capacity to work together to monitor and report on critical human rights issues, particularly through its support to the Human Rights House.