39 States encourage the Human Rights Council to act against lack of implementation

On 22 September 2014, in a statement read by Macedonia FYR, 39 States called on the Human Rights Council (the Council) to react to the lack of implementation of UPR recommendations.

Noting that the human rights situation in certain countries was "deteriorating and in some others [...] stagnating in implementation of the supported UPR recommendations", the statement encouraged the Council to "explore the existing documents" to determine how to react.

The statement also encouraged States to submit mid-term reports, welcomed the involvement of the Parliaments in the UPR and noted with appreciation the organisation, by some States, of interactive dialogues with civil society organisations immediately after the reviews.

UPR Info welcomes this statement by Macedonia FYR on behalf of 39 States as our organisation has been calling on the HRC since early 2013 to define the concept of "persistent non-cooperation" which includes cases of non-implementation.

Macedonia's statement can be downloaded here.

Photo: UN Photo/Violaine Martin