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Promoting Compliance with Human Rights: The Performance of the United Nations’ Universal Periodic Review and Treaty Bodies

16 octobre 2019
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Equal Rights For All: Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of the Universal Periodic Review regarding LGBTI Rights

27 août 2019
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The Role of the Universal Periodic Review in Advancing Children’s Rights in Juvenile Justice

12 juin 2018
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L’examen périodique universel (EPU) des droits humains en Suisse : Bilan provisoire après trois cycles

30 mai 2018
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The UPR and the Prevention of Atrocity Crimes

janvier 2018
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L'Examen Périodique Universel: Relever les Défis du 3e Cycle

octobre 2017
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Beyond the Procedure: The Universal Periodic Review as a Catalyst for Public Debate on Human Rights

13 septembre 2017
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Italy and the Universal Periodic Review of the United Nations Human Rights Council. Playing the two-level game.

Andrea Cofelice, 05 juillet 2017
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Understanding the UPR: Methods of assessing its functioning

Edward McMahon, juin 2017
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From Mwanza to Geneva: A guide on how small-scale farmers can get their voices heard in the UN

janvier 2017
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UPR Info Pre-sessions: Empowering human rights voices from the ground

UPR Info, décembre 2016
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The Butterfly Effect: Spreading Good Practices of UPR Implementation

UPR Info, novembre 2016
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Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, and Sex Characteristics at the Universal Periodic Review

ILGA, International Bar Association & Arc International, novembre 2016
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Evolution Not Revolution

Edward McMahon et al., septembre 2016
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The Universal Periodic Review: A Skewed Agenda? Trends analysis of the UPR’s coverage of economic, social and cultural rights

Center for Economic and Social Rights, juin 2016
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The role of the Universal Periodic Review in advancing human rights in the administration of justice

International Bar Association Human Rights Institute, mars 2016
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UPR: A Platform for Dialogue, Accountability, and Change on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Kate Gilmore, Luis Mora, Alfonso Barragues, Ida Krogh Mikkelsen, décembre 2015
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Enhancing the effectiveness of the UN UPR

CIVICUS, septembre 2015
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The Implacable Ritual: A study examining the inertia of death penalty abolition within the Universal Periodic Review

John Riordan, juillet 2015
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Minority Issues in the First Cycle of the UPR

Rita Izsak, Special Rapporteur on minority issues, mars 2015
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L'impact de l'EPU sur la situation des droits de l'homme au Togo

Aimé Tchamie ADI, Amnesty International Togo, 2015
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Beyond Promises - the impact of the UPR on the ground

UPR Info, octobre 2014
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UPR: Successful examples of child rights advocacy

Save the Children, mai 2014
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Analysis of corporal punishment from 1st to 18th session of the UPR

Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children, avril 2014
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From Commitment to Action on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

UNFPA, 2014
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Do Civil Society Organization-Suggested Recommendations Matter?

Edward McMahon et al., novembre 2013
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Acknowledging the SOGI norm: the politics of its recognition in the HRC and the politics for its recognition through the UPR

Aengus Carroll, septembre 2013
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SOGI Rights in the UPR

Mari Dahl Schlanbusch, 2013
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On the Road to Implementation

UPR Info, octobre 2012
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The UPR: A Work in Progress

Edward McMahon, septembre 2012
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A study of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) from the perspective of Children’s Rights

James Jolley, septembre 2012
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Cultural Relativism in the Universal Periodic Review of the Human Rights Council

Roger Lloret Blackburn, septembre 2011
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Evaluating the Implementation of UPR Recommendations: A Quantitative Analysis of the Implementation Efforts of Nine UN Member States

David Frazier, août 2011
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Accounting for human rights protection under the UPR: The difference Kenya’s stakeholders made

Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, 2011
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Status of Children’s Rights in the UPR

Children Rights Information Network (CRIN), novembre 2010
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Herding Cats and Sheep: Assessing State and Regional Behavior in the Universal Periodic Review Mechanism of the United Nations Human Rights Council

Prof. Edward McMahon, juillet 2010
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Opportunities for Nongovernmental Organization Advocacy in the Universal Periodic Review Process at the UN Human Rights Council

Lawrence Moss, 2010
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UPR: An ambivalent exercice

FIACAT, décembre 2009
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The Role of Parliaments in the UPR

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, 16 septembre 2009
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Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights - Towards best practices

Commonwealth Secretariat, août 2009
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A Curate’s Egg

Quaker United Nations Office, juin 2009
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Of shaming and bargaining: African States and the Universal Periodic Review of the United Nations Human Rights Council

Human Rights Law Review, 13 février 2009
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A Mutual Praise Society

UN Watch, 06 février 2009
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Digging foundations or trenches?

Quakers United Nations Office, août 2008
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The HRC Universal Periodic Review: A preliminary assessment

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, juillet 2008
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Building the New Human Rights Council. Outcome and analysis of the institution-building year

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, août 2007
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Government Positions on establishing a credible UPR mechanism

Democracy Coalition Project, 2007
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