UPR Info’s involvement

UPR Info was engaged in the review process through different projects.
  • An analysis
We released early October an analysis looking into the seven first sessions of the UPR and assessing what is and is not working. This analysis contains concrete proposals to improve the mechanism and intends to contribute to the HRC review process by providing an analytical assessment of the UPR.
The Analytical assessment is available here.
  • A workshop
We organised on the 7th of October a workshop for civil society. Around thirty international and national organisations gathered in Geneva to assess the mechanism and put forward concrete proposals to the review process.
  • A joint contribution
Based on the discussions held during the workshop, we drafted a contribution containing seven key issues of the UPR which needed to be addressed in the context of the Human Rights Council review. This draft was then circulated to NGOs for review and was eventually signed on by 37 organisations. The contribution was presented to the HRC review Working Group on Wednesday 27th October through a statement on behalf of Geneva for Human Rights, a signatory organisation.
The Joint NGO Contribution is available here.
  • A conference
We organised on Friday 19 November a conference on the UPR within the framework of the HRC Review. Around 40 participants representing States, NGOs, NHRIs, international and inter-governmental organisations, and the OHCHR gathered to discuss the follow-up, its assessment and the second and subsequent cycles.
A summary of this conference is available here.
  • A joint statement

Following-up the joint submission submitted in October, we drafted a joint statement with 28 NGOs which assessed which of those seven proposals had been included in the Outcome, expressed disappointment at the content of the UPR modalities contained in the Outcome and called on the HRC and States to continue to improve the UPR mechanism in practice through the second cycle. The statement was delivered on behalf of Geneva for Human Rights on March the 18th during the General debate of item 6 at the HRC 16th session.
The statement is available here and the webcast here.