Ms. Kasha N. Jaqueline, UPR Trax 1000th subscriber

Two years after launching UPR Trax, our newsletter on the UPR, we have reached 1000 subscribers. We see this achievement as a tremendous success: UPR world is still small and civil society needs to be widely informed regarding UPR’s tools and opportunities.

Despite our limited resources, we have been working hard on raising awareness within civil society. It is worth it; Kasha N Jacqueline, UPR Trax 1000th subscriber, after being forwarded UPR Trax from friends, decided to subscribe to the newsletter. She explains her choice: "[...] every time I have a question I just visit the site and I get my answers. Every session I get to follow on the webcast." UPR Info interviewed Kasha, founder and Executive Director of Freedom and Roam Uganda (FARUG).

UPR Info (UI): What are FARUG aims?

Kasha N Jacqueline (KNJ): Freedom and Roam Uganda is a lesbian Organisation which was established in 2003 by a group of fully fledged lesbians who were constantly harassed, insulted and discriminated against by a misinformed society and who were touched by the plight of their sisters and brothers of the same sexual orientation.

We strive for the attainment of full equal rights of lesbians, bisexuals, Transgender and Intersexual (LBTI) women as well as the removal of all forms of discrimination based on sexual orientation and Empower LBTI women.

Some of our work: Awareness Campaigns throughout the country about homosexuality, health, homophobia and transphobia and also non discrimination and respect for Human Rights; Media Campaign; Lobbying and Networking locally, regionally and Internationally; Sexual and Reproductive health rights project; Engagement in International Advocacy and using international bodies to promote Human rights for LGBT persons; Skills and knowledge sharing workshops, seminars and conferences; etc.

UI: Why do you think UPR mechanism can help you?

KNJ: I am interested because I want to know what my government presents at the council, we never get this information back home and so would like to know what exactly the government presents when out there. The process will help me be able to also present a shadow report about the observation of the performance of my government when it comes to Human rights issues.

UI: Have you ever participated in the UPR?

KNJ: Yes this year my organization and allies worked on a shadow report
which we submitted to the secretariat in Geneva since Uganda is under review on the 11th of October 2011.


Kasha also wishes that "[UPR Info could] provide means for those that cannot access internet to be able to get this information. Not all of us interested in Human rights are privileged with IT, some of us come from areas where there is not even a single café and yet we are really interested in what’s happening around the world." We pledge to explore the different possibilities in relation to this issue.

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