Pre-sessions 36 and 37 Are Going Virtual

In light of the current situation relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, UPR Info has taken the decision to hold its Pre-sessions 36 and 37, scheduled in early October 2020 and early December 2020 respectively, in a virtual format. Participants selected to speak at these Pre-sessions will be invited to record their statement on video and will have an opportunity to answer questions from representatives of Permanent Missions after their statement is broadcasted during online Pre-sessions. In addition, all written statements provided by panellists will be posted to our website.

The decision to have virtual Pre-sessions instead of in-presence Pre-sessions has been taken based on a careful assessment of the situation related to COVID-19 and the risks involved for all stakeholders and appeared to be the most reasonable course of action. UPR Info remains committed to supporting NHRIs, CSOs and partner organisations in their advocacy efforts and their participation in the Universal Periodic Review process and will do its best to support good exchanges and communication among participants during these virtual Pre-sessions. This support is all the more important in this time uncertain time where human rights violations are exacerbated.

More information on the date and the programme of the Pre-sessions 36 and 37 will be available on our website in the upcoming weeks. We thank you for understanding and your cooperation for successful virtual Pre-sessions. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at presessions@upr-info.org.

As a reminder, UPR Info rescheduled Pre-sessions 36 to October 2020 following the decision of the Bureau of the Human Rights Council to postpone the 36th session of the Universal Periodic review Working Group until November 2020.