In-Country Programme

In-country programme (2017-2019)

Since the foundation of UPR Info in 2008, a key priority for the organisation has been to support civil society, governments, independent institutions and other actors to collectively remain active throughout the full cycle of the UPR. The 2017-2019 In-country programme therefore seeks to contribute to enabling UPR frameworks at the domestic level consisting of: robust national human rights follow-up systems; nationwide civil society UPR coalitions; and meaningful partnerships between CSOs and the government. Specifically, the programme is comprised of five interlinked steps, offering a unique opportunity for participants to enhance their knowledge about the UPR, and to fine-tune their strategies. Each step is carefully designed in close cooperation with national partners in order to address concrete needs at national level.

The In-country programme is coordinated by staff at UPR Info's headquarters in Geneva.

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