• [UPR Trax] No 55: Civil Society reaffirmed as key stakeholder in the UPR process

    June saw a flurry of activity for UPR Info, with many exciting internal and external activities taking place in Geneva and elsewhere. The 29th session of the Human Rights Council (HRC29) included the plenary adoptions of the UPR Working Group reports for the States reviewed at the 21st session of the UPR. As well as making an oral statement at the HRC plenary session, UPR Info also participated in several side events throughout the month.
  • [UPR Trax] No 54: From one year to another: a look at 2014’s highlights and activities so far

    Over the past month, UPR Info has undertaken many exciting activities. Firstly, the pre-sessions took place in April and attracted a high level of attendance with an average of 33 diplomats present over the 3 days. The 22nd session of the Working Group recently ended and saw the review of 14 countries over a two-week period, from Marshall Islands to the United States.
  • [UPR Trax] No53: Rethinking theory to promote change on the ground

    Over the past two months, many events have occurred around the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) mechanism. The first regular Human Rights Council (HRC) session of the year took place in March 2015 and included the adoption of the UPR Reports of the 20th Session of the UPR. In addition, an interesting debate with particularly thoughtful statements on Item 6 took place during the plenary session. Moreover, different publications concerning the UPR have been released improving awareness and sharing best practices. With those same goals in mind, UPR Info has co-organised two workshops with civil society organisations in Kenya and Armenia within the framework of its new programme. Last but not least, UPR Info is finalising the last details before hosting the next round of pre-sessions, which will take place from 8 to 10 April 2015. The Vice-President of the Human Rights Council, His Excellency Mr Aguirre, will make the opening remarks at the pre-sessions on Wednesday 8 April at 9:00 am.

  • [UPR Trax] No52: Keeping the UPR momentum alive

    With only one month of 2015 behind us, many UPR events have already taken place.  The first of three UPR sessions of the year was held from 19-30 January and preparations are underway for UPR Info's Pre-sessions 22. We have published a new analysis that reveals a worrying trend at the UPR that could undermine the mechanism. The publication elaborates upon the possible explanations for this trend and provides solutions. In Ethiopia, UPR Info co-hosted an event to maintain the UPR momentum and continue the national dialogue. Last but not least, UPR Info welcomed a new Advisory Board member, Ms. Martine Anstett, the Deputy Director at the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) in charge of human rights, democracy and the rule of law.

  • [UPR Trax] No51: New projects for a happy new year!

    Over the past month, UPR Info has undertaken many exciting and forward-looking activities. Firstly, we held pre-sessions in preparation for the January UPR session.  We also updated the database with Session 19 recommendations that stakeholders can use to begin their work on the implementation phase. In Armenia, we conducted a training seminar and will continue to engage with Armenian UPR participants as part of a new project. Also, as part of this new project, two UPR Info offices will be opening in 2015.