• [UPR Trax] :No12: Session 8 starts today!

    Today starts the 8th session of the Universal Periodic Review Working Group which will review the following States in this order: Kyrgyzstan, Kiribati, Guinea, Laos, Spain, Lesotho, Kenya, Armenia, Guinea-Bissau, Sweden, Grenada, Turkey, Guyana, Kuwait and Belarus.

  • [UPR Trax] :No11: Happy birthday to the UPR!

    Yesterday April the 7th we celebrated the second anniversary of the Universal Periodic Review. This new mechanism started exactly two years ago its first session with the review of Bahrain and Ecuador. 112 States and more than 9,000 recommendations later, the UPR is one country at a time, step by step, working to "promote and protect human rights in the darkest corners of the world".

  • [UPR Trax] :No10: UPR Recommendations Database available March 18th

    On February 19, the UPR Working Group concluded a dense and eventful seventh session which reviewed Qatar, Nicaragua, Italy, El Salvador, Gambia, Bolivia, Fiji, San Marino, Kazakhstan, Angola, Iran, Madagascar, Iraq, Slovenia, Egypt and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Problems with the list of speakers reached a new peak when delegates queued all night for the review of Iran and started Egypt’s list the day before in the corridors.

  • [UPR Trax] :No9: Haiti's review postponed!

    Next Monday will start the 7th session of the Universal Periodic Review. The following sixteen States will be reviewed in this order:  Qatar, Nicaragua, Italy, El Salvador, Gambia, Bolivia, Fiji, San Marino, Kazakhstan, Angola, Iran, Madagascar, Iraq, Slovenia, Egypt and Bosnia and Herzegovina. All documents pertaining to their reviews are already available on our website. Only Fiji has not submitted its National report yet.

  • [UPR Trax] :No8: UPR Info in Russian!

    On Friday 11 December, the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review concluded its sixth session. This marked the end of the first half of the first cycle. After less than two years of work, the UPR has already reviewed 98 UN member States.