[UPR Trax] :No9: Haiti's review postponed!

Next Monday will start the 7th session of the Universal Periodic Review. The following sixteen States will be reviewed in this order:  Qatar, Nicaragua, Italy, El Salvador, Gambia, Bolivia, Fiji, San Marino, Kazakhstan, Angola, Iran, Madagascar, Iraq, Slovenia, Egypt and Bosnia and Herzegovina. All documents pertaining to their reviews are already available on our website. Only Fiji has not submitted its National report yet.

Session 6 was an intensive review. 119 States took the floor and made 750 statements. This resulted to an average number of 6.3 statements per States, a figure ranking between session 5 (5.6) and session 4 (6.7). Human Rights Council (HRC) members, as always, accounted for slightly more than half of the statements made (51.3%) during the session despite representing only a third of States taking the floor (37.8%). Among HRC members, only Madagascar and Zambia did not take the floor. With regards to regional groups, the WEOG was again the most active in terms of statements made (as it was during sessions 1 to 3 and 5) and the Asian group in terms of States taking the floor (as it was during sessions 2 to 5).

The events in Haiti also have repercussion on the UPR. During the HRC Special session on Haiti, Haiti’s delegation asked that its review be postponed. This proposal was backed by numerous States and accepted by the HRC. The resolution passed during the session decided to “postpone relevant deadlines related to its Universal Periodic Review within the Human Rights Council to a date no later than December 2011”.

On UPR-info, our work on making the website available in different languages is progressing. After Russian, you will soon be able to access a basic version of upr-info.org in Arabic. We will also soon translate our documents “Issues analysis” into Spanish and French.

On another note, we are developing at the moment a page dedicated to trainings on the UPR organised both in Geneva and worldwide.

Finally, we are now finalising the last details of our database on UPR recommendations which will be available in March!

Quote of the month

“We would like to seek the deferment of the presentation of this report to a letter date”

H.E. Mr. Jean-Claude Pierre, Chargé d’Affaires at the Mission of Haiti to the United Nations, requesting the postponement of Haiti’s UPR during the 13th Human Rights Council Special session on “Support to recovery process in Haiti: A Human Rights approach”, 27 January 2010, Palais des Nations.

News on the UPR process

  • Haiti’s UPR postponed - 27 January 2010

Haiti’s delegation asked this morning during the Human Rights Council 13th Special Session on "Support to recovery process in Haiti: A Human Rights approach" to postpone the day of its review at the UPR. Read more here…

News on UPR-info.org

  • Analysis of State participation at session 6 available - 1 February 2010