[UPR Trax] :No1: UPR-Info launches the first newsletter related to the UPR!

UPR Info is please to introduce you with its first newsletter and, by the same occasion, the first newsletter ever on the UPR. For over a year now, UPR Info has strived to develop new ways to keep the actors of the UPR informed about the latest developments in the process, from the changes in the modalities to the upcoming deadlines and the newly released documents. We have done so through our website entirely dedicated to the process and three key steps :

First, with the news system, we have tried to keep you updated directly from the Palais des Nations. The second step was a RSS feed which made those news immediately available on your desktop without visiting our website. The newsletter is the third and latest stage of our communication tools building: now you can receive UPR news straight to your mailbox. No need to go on UPR-info.org, no need to know how to use RSS feed. All you have to do is to check your emails and you will know everything you always wanted to know about the UPR but were afraid to ask.

The newsletter will be delivered in the last days of every month (this first newsletter should not be seen as a precedent). We will offer a short summary of the main UPR news of the month and gather all the news released during that month and divided between the ones on the UPR process itself and the ones about UPR-info.org.

Kind regards,

Roland Chauville

President of UPR Info

News of the month

1. About UPR process

In March took place at the Human Rights Council the adoption of the reports of the working group of session 3 held last December. All reports were adopted without any flaw besides Israel’s. Egypt raised a point of order to make Israel respond to all the recommendations and threatened to require a vote for the adoption of the report. The latter was finally adopted by consensus. Those 16 adoptions were then followed by a general debate under item 6 where a number of States pointed out the problem with the list of speakers that emerged from session 4 and called to find a solution. More details on this HRC session in the news published on March 19 and 22.

·         Czech Republic clarifies its position on its recommendations!
published 31 March 2009

·         The Human Rights Council adopts the 16 reports of the third session!
published 22 March 2009

·         Egypt raises a point of order to ask Israel to answer all the recommendations!
published 19 March 2009

·         Calendar of the opening of the list of speakers for the plenary
published 18 March 2009

·         Five more States submit an addendum containing their responses to recommendations
published 18 March 2009

·         Special Rapporteur devotes its first report to the Universal Periodic Review!
published 15 March 2009

·         Uzbekistan’s final Report of the Working Group not following the usual format!
published 13 March 2009


2. About UPR Info

In March, UPR Info produced more issues analysis both on new human rights issues and completing with session 3 the ones already done for session 1 and 2. We also analysed States under Review’s responses to recommendations and which ones were accepted and rejected.

·         All responses to session 3 recommendations on UPR-info.org!
published 31 March 2009

·         New update on the status of responses to recommendations by the twelve first States under Review at session 3!
published 20 March 2009

·         Watch the plenary adoptions live on UPR-info.org!!!
published 18 March 2009

·         New Issue analysis on the freedom of religion and belief!
published 18 March 2009

·         New Issue analysis on the civil society at the national level!
published 17 March 2009

·         Update, before the plenary, on the responses to recommendations of session 3!
published 16 March 2009

·         New Issue Analysis on human rights defenders at session 3 of the UPR!
published 16 March 2009

·         UPR Info invited to a side event on "Using the UPR to promote the rights of the child"
published 11 March 2009

·         New Issue Analysis on the participation of the civil society at the UPR for session 1-2-3
published 6 March 2009

·         New Issue Analysis on the freedom of opinion and expression for session 1-2-3
published 6 March 2009

·         New Issue Analysis on the freedom of the press for session 1-2-3
published 6 March 2009

·         Issues Analysis on Human Rights while countering terrorism for Session 1, 2 and 3
published 5 March 2009

·         Issue Analysis on the Rights of the Child for Session 1, 2, 3 and 4
published 4 March 2009

·         Documents for Session 5 (4-15 May) available on UPR-info.org!
published 1 March 2009


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