[UPR Trax] No 74: UPR discussed at HRC 35

Discussions at the 35th Session of the Human Rights Council focus on UPR implementation
June saw the 35th meeting of the Human Rights Council (HRC) take place in Geneva, throughout which the UPR was discussed. Usually the UPR is only discussed during Item 6 of the HRC, however this time the role of the UPR  in the protection and promotion of human rights was also highlighted under Item 2 and Item 5.
A new resolution on the role of parliaments on the implementation of UPR recommendations was adopted by consensus on June 23, and attention was given to the activities generated and supported by the voluntary trust fund for implementation.

UPR INFO Activities 

UPR Info offers States several steps to improve their role in the UPR
On Monday 19 June, the HRC Agenda Item 6: General Debate was opened by the HRC President, where States and NGOs took the floor to comment on the UPR. During this time, in which there were no adoptions, UPR Info delivered a statement to encourage States to improve their role within the UPR. Read more here.

Making use of the Voluntary Fund for Implementation
The Voluntary Fund for Financial and Technical Assistance in the Implementation of the Universal Periodic Review (Voluntary Fund) was established in 2009, and has helped countries fulfil their human rights obligations and commitments. Human Rights Council (HRC) Resolution 6/17 requested the Secretary-General to establish a Voluntary Fund to help States, in particular least developed countries, implement recommendations emanating from their UPR review. Full article here.

HRC continues discussion of the contribution of Parliaments to the Universal Periodic Review
During this 35th Session of the Human Rights Council (HRC), under Item 5, States discussed the contribution of parliaments to the work of both the HRC and the Universal Periodic Review (UPR), whilst referring to last year’s panel discussion on the same topic. More information here.

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UPR Info In-country activities
This month UPR Info went to Togo to implement our in-country step 4: a national multi-stakeholder dialogue for the implementation of UPR recommendations. To read more about our in-country activities in Togo, click here.

Quote of the month

Among the most striking features of this Human Rights Council is the Universal Periodic Review, which last month opened its third cycle. Every State in the world has twice submitted its performance and its intentions to the review's often detailed scrutiny – and each State has committed to improving its record on a wide range of key points. Has there been real improvement? As we enter the third round of scrutiny, is the UPR deepening in relevance, precision and impact?


High Commissioner for Human Rights, M. Zeid
6 June 2017, HRC 35


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