[UPR Trax] No 73: Outcomes of UPR 27

First round of the UPR third cycle reviews concludes in Geneva
May saw the 27th session of the Universal Periodic Review Working Group take place in Geneva, which was the first round of reviews of the third cycle. UPR Info extensively monitored the UPR Session 27. A broad variety of issues were raised by all Recommending States (RS). The 14 States under Review (SuR) have until September to decide their final position on recommendations, before they are adopted at the Human Rights Council. During this new cycle, we have observed a new trend of SuRs leaving many recommendations pending. We also witnessed an unprecedented withdrawal of a recommendation made by a RS.

Our Headquarters have experienced a busy month since our Executive Director, Roland Chauville, announced his departure and a search for a suitable successor has begun.
Finally, UPR Info is pleased to share that our Annual Report 2016 is now available on our website.

UPR INFO Activities 

Women’s rights, detention, and racial discrimination highlighted at UPR 27
The first UPR of the 3rd cycle took place from 1 to 12 May 2017. During the 27th Session of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Working Group, 14 States underwent their third UPR: Algeria, Bahrain, Brazil, Ecuador, Finland, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, South Africa, Tunisia, and United Kingdom. Most delegations were headed by high-level representatives, with 10 ministers representing their respective countries. In total, the 14 States under Review (SuR) received approximately 3,567 recommendations, with the majority of recommendations being left pending, to be examined in their respective countries’ capitals. All decisions on recommendations will be made by the 14 SuRs no later than during the 36th Human Rights Council (HRC) in September 2017. Read more here.

The UK changes its position on recommendations received at previous review 
Before its third UPR review, the United Kingdom (UK) sought to change its position from supported to noted on a number of 2nd cycle recommendations. Among the issues on which the UK changed its position are: ratification of international treaties and lifting reservations to others; human rights protection; detention; children’s rights; gender equality; non-discrimination; welfare rights; migrants’ rights; and women’s rights, to name a few. More information here.

Qatar withdraws recommendation made to Bahrain in unprecedented move
On 5 May 2017, at time of adoption of the Draft Working Group Report of Bahrain, Qatar took the floor to withdraw a recommendation it made to Bahrain. Read more here.

New step for UPR Info: hiring a new Executive Director
Almost 10 years after creating UPR Info, Roland Chauville has decided to leave his position as Executive Director at the end of October 2017. Read his full statement and find out how to apply here.

Annual Report 2016 available
Last week, UPR Info held its annual Donor Meeting, where we provided updates on our work and projects to donors and other interested parties. We also disseminated our Annual Report detailing our activities in 2016. Full news article here.

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UPR Info In-country activities

Sri Lanka’s Inter-ministerial human rights committee trained on the UPR process
On 20 April, UPR Info had the pleasure of providing a training on the UPR to Sri Lanka’s Inter-ministerial committee on human rights. In view of the State’s third review in November 2017, the focus was fixed on good practices of drafting the National Report, how to involve CSOs in the process, and what to expect from the review itself. Read the full article.

UPR Info Africa
During the month of May, UPR Info Africa conducted several activities including: working on matrices and reports for the Tanzania workshop, which was held in January, 2017; finalising the Outcome report for Ghana; and preparing for the Somalia workshop, scheduled for July 2017.

Quote of the month

“Although we are proud of our achievements in upholding respect for human rights, we also wish to underscore that there is always room for improvement. [...] The success of this UPR cycle will all come down to implementation of the recommendations."
Mr. Ronald Plasterk, Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. 10 May 2017, third UPR review of the Netherlands


  • 28th Pre-Sessions: 10-13 October 2017
  • 28th Session of the UPR Working Group: 6 – 12 November 2017
  • Stakeholders’ Report submissions deadline for the 29th UPR session: 29 June 2017

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