• Participation of UPR Info to Francophonie Seminar in Morocco

    The Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Kingdom of Morocco organised May 22-23 in Rabat, Morocco, a second seminar on the UPR, to follow the one held in February 2008. Participants included member States representatives from both Geneva and the Capital as well as few NHRIs and NGOs.

    UPR Info was invited to present the work of the organisation as well as an in depth analysis of OIF States' participation at the UPR. The organisation also participated in the four workshops on the UPR mechanism.

    Presentation by UPR Info (in French): download

  • Turkey rejects Cyprus' recommendations because it does not recognize its existence

    During its Universal Periodic Review on 10 May 2010, Turkey accepted 95 recommendations, left 39 pending and rejected 9. In addition to those 143 recommendations, Turkey declared in the report of the Working Group rejecting the 9 recommendations by Cyprus because it "does neither recognize Republic of Cyprus nor accept its claims to represent the whole island".

  • New proposal for the list of speakers

    The Bureau of the Human Rights Council has released in February a new proposal for the list of speakers. This proposal is very similar to the second proposal dated last November.