• Some States against the mentioning of the original wording of recommendations

    A debate started Friday 19 February on whether including in Working Group Reports footnotes containing the original wording of recommendations.1 Egypt seized the opportunity offered by the adoption of its own Report to question the relevance of listing recommendations both in their accepted wording and in their original one as delivered during the interactive dialogue. Making reference to a recommendation by Chile, the delegate asked where did the use of footnotes start and mentioned that they could not accept this footnote until it said that the change of the wording was requested by Chile. This proposal to take that footnote off was backed by Pakistan, Nigeria and Cuba. Pakistan said that there was no point in including this footnote and Cuba that getting rid of it would diminish words number.
  • Sweden responds to Egypt's reasons for rejecting their recommendation

    In its Report of the Working Group A/HRC/WG.6/7/L.16, Egypt rejected seven recommendations they considered "inaccurate and/or factually incorrect". One of those recommendations was made by Sweden on the issue of the state of emergency. During the adoption of the Report Friday 19 February, the Swedish delegation took the floor to precise that this recommendation was based on "several factual reports by Amnesty International and by the National Council for Human Rights in Egypt".

  • Iran's review: the price to pay to take the floor

    Iran's review is surpassing all limits ever witnessed regarding the enrolment on the speaker's list. States have planned to stay over night in the premises of the Palais des Nations to be the first to register on Friday 12 February at 8.45 am. The 60 slots are allocated on a "first come, first serve" basis. Delegates are expected to wait all night in their car and then start queueing early morning outside door 40.

  • Haiti's UPR postponed

    Haiti's delegation asked this morning during the Human Rights Council 13th Special Session on "Support to recovery process in Haiti: A Human Rights approach" to postpone the day of its review at the UPR.

    This proposal was backed by numerous States and accepted by the HRC. The resolution passed during this session decided to "postpone relevant deadlines related to its Universal Periodic Review within the Human Rights Council to a date no later than December 2011".