• Compilation of UPR oral statements at the HRC review

    UPR Info compiled all oral statements made on the UPR Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 under item 4.1 of the Human Rights Council review Working Group.

    Proposals are clustered under UPR main issues and list the States, NHRIs and NGOs supporting them.

  • Joint NGO contribution on the review of the UPR

    37 NGOs joined together to present seven key issues of the UPR which need to be addressed in the context of the Human Rights Council review:

    1. National consultations with stakeholders: national consultations should be well prepared, be based on a clear timeframe and held well in advance of the preparation of the State report and fully include civil society

  • Compilation of written proposals on the UPR

    UPR Info compiled all written proposals made by States, NHRIs and NGOs on the UPR in the framework of the HRC review and which were posted on the extranet.

    Prososals are clustered by main themes discussed on the UPR, inter alia: list of speakers, recommendations, item 6, follow-up and second cycle.

  • Human Rights Council review starts today

    The Human Rights Council started this morning the first session of the Open-ended Working Group to review its work and functioning. The UPR will be discussed tomorrow at 11 am until 6 pm. NGOs will be given the floor at the end of the day.

  • UPR Info releases analytical assessment of the Universal Periodic Review

    UPR Info, with the support of the Open Society Institute, released today an analytical assessment of the UPR process.

    In 2011 the HRC will review its work and functioning. As the UPR will be part of this important review, it appears necessary to make a preliminary critical assessment of the efficiency of this mechanism. UPR

    Info intends to contribute its expertise to the HRC review process by providing an analytical assessment of the UPR.