• Thailand: International Day of Democracy showcasing the UPR as a crucial instrument for inclusion & equality

    On 15 September 2016, the British Embassy in Bangkok hosted a reception as part of the United Nations designated ‘International Day of Democracy’. The event focussed on SDG 16, which calls for “inclusive and participatory societies and institutions”, as part of the theme ‘Democracy and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’. Democratic values were discussed which provided a forum to promote the positive role that civil society organisations (CSOs) play in protecting and defending democracy. The Regional Director for UPR Info Asia, Ms. Emilie Pradichit, spoke on the role of the UPR as a democratic mechanism promoting inclusion and equality, which are essential foundations to achieve real democracy, and stressed on ways CSOs and governments could uphold these democratic values. She discussed: (1) the link between democracy and human rights; (2) the watchdog role of civil society to monitor and check that the State is respecting and protecting the rights of the people; and (3) the importance to promote an inclusive society to dismantle inequalities.

  • Thailand: From the review to the UPR follow-up phase with the Thai CSOs Coalition for the UPR

    Over the past 12 months UPR Info Asia has brought together perhaps the widest coalition of Thai CSOs to date. The formation of the Thai CSOs Coalition for the UPR has enabled local communities from different regions of Thailand, experiencing similar challenges, to meet each other and build solidarity. With a committed coalition, CSOs work together as a strong national movement towards a more representative UPR process to bring about change in their country whilst keeping the Royal Thai Government accountable on its international and development obligations. 
    From the development of UPR Advocacy Factsheets, to supporting the Coalition’s lobbying efforts both at the country level and in Geneva during UPR Info’s Pre-sessions, the next steps for UPR Info Asia were: (1) to raise awareness during Thailand 2nd UPR on 11 May 2016; and (2) to seize the momentum to kick-off the UPR follow-up phase. 
  • Myanmar: Kicking-off the UPR follow-up phase with the Burma/Myanmar UPR Forum

    UPR Info Asia has been working with the Burma/Myanmar UPR Forum since June 2015, as part of its strategy to support local communities to engage in the UPR process. The aim is to build the capacity of the coalition to ensure local communities are at the center of Myanmar 2nd UPR cycle. The Burma/Myanmar UPR Forum is a coalition of independent civil society organisations (CSOs) with the commitment to engage constructively in the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process to improve human rights situations of all people and communities of Burma/Myanmar and border areas.