• Adoption of UPR reports scheduled for the September HRC

    The 33rd session of the Human Rights Council (HRC) is almost upon us and the draft Programme of Work is now available in both English and French.

    During this session of the HRC, 13-30 September 2016, the Working Group (WG) Reports from the 25th UPR session will be adopted from 21 - 23 September. There is a general debate on the UPR to follow the adoptions on 23 September.

  • Multi-stakeholders Dialogue on UPR implementaion in Sierra Leone

    On 3-4 August UPR Info implemented, together with national partner organisations, the Multi-stakeholders Dialogue on Effective Implementation of UPR recommendations. The chief objective of the meeting was to bring together the government and CSOs to establish an incentive for a joint implementation process. On 3 August, government officials and CSOs participated in two parallel meetings in order to prepare for the dialogue phase the following day.
  • New guidelines and matrices for third cycle NGO submissions

    New Technical Guidelines for stakeholders' written submissions for the third cycle of the UPR have been published by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights (OHCHR). During the first and second cycle of the UPR documents submitted by civil society organisations (CSOs), National Human Rights Institutes (NHRI), and regional mechanisms provided key updates on the human rights situation in the State under review.
  • Efficiency of UPR third cycle at the heart of Human Rights Council’s debate

    On Monday 27 2016, the 32nd Session of the Human Rights Council (HRC) held the General Debate on Agenda Item 6 on the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). States and NGOs took the floor to take stock of the first two cycles of the UPR and to elaborate on their views to improve the efficiency of the UPR during the upcoming third cycle.
  • The role of national parliaments within the UPR discussed at the HRC

    On 22 June 2016, the “Panel discussion on the contribution of parliaments to the work of the Human Rights Council (HRC) and its Universal Periodic Review (UPR)” was held during the 32nd session of the HRC. The Panel aimed to take stock of the current situation since the adoption of the HRC Resolution 30/14 (October 2015) on identifying ways to further enhance the contribution of the national parliaments.