• Moroccan civil society fully engaged for UPR follow-up

    From 29 June to 2 July 2017, UPR Info co-organised a UPR strategy workshop with the national civil society coalition, "UPR Group Morocco" [Groupe EPU Maroc]. The workshop, held in the region of Khémisset, brought together some 50 NGOs to discuss the national UPR process, and how civil society could meaningfully contribute to the realisation of recommendations. 

  • Making use of the Voluntary Fund for Implementation

    The Voluntary Fund for Financial and Technical Assistance in the Implementation of the Universal Periodic Review (Voluntary Fund) was established in 2009, and has helped countries fulfil their human rights obligations and commitments. Human Rights Council (HRC) Resolution 6/17 requested the Secretary-General to establish a Voluntary Fund to help States, in particular least developed countries, implement recommendations emanating from their UPR review.

  • The UK changes its position on recommendations received at previous review

    Before its third UPR review, the United Kingdom (UK) sought to change its position from support to noted on a number of 2nd cycle recommendations. Among the issues on which the UK changed its position are: ratification of international treaties and lifting reservations to others, human rights protection and detention, children’s rights, gender equality, non discrimination, welfare rights, migrants’ rights, and women’s rights, to name a few.