• Review of Cuba today at 2.30 pm!

    For the first time today Cuba will be reviewed by the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review. It is already a historic review: there are more than 100 hundred States registered to take the floor (when the average is between 40 and 50) and there have been over 300 hundred reports submitted by stakeholders, that is more than the total of reports submitted on Sessions 1 or 2 and twice as much as Session 3! The summary prepared by the OHCHR of all these reports has been criticized by Cuba itself for giving to much space to international NGOs.



  • Debate over the list of speakers!

    The fourth UPR session has to face a new procedural problem: the extensive list of States willing to take the floor. First, due to long queues to enrol on the list of speakers, the time was extended to 25 minutes before the normal time to enrol (half a day before the review). Second, too many States are willing to participate to accommodate them all within the 2 hours allocated.
  • Responses to recommendations: some States fail to take clear position

    Responses to recommendations vary greatly among States under Review. Some provide a clear answer to all of them, either accepting or rejecting them (Algeria, Switzerland, Ukraine and Tonga), others only comment them (Poland, Czech Republic and France) and a few fail to provide any type of response (South Africa, Gabon and Guatemala).