• UPR roleplay at UNITAR human rights training

    On 23th February, UPR Info was invited to train participants at UNITARs Human Rights Workshop on the UPR process. The 11 participants came from diverse backgrounds including Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Permanent Missions, CSOs, private sector and academia.  

    Following a comprehensive introduction to the UPR, which catered for newcomers as well as those with experience from using the mechanism, UPR Info lead an interactive exercise in which participants were divided into three groups; State under Review, Recommending State and Other stakeholders. Each group was provided with a questionnaire containing questions and situations they would face in their UPR engagement. For example, the State under review had to organise nationwide consultations as a step towards finalising their National Report, the Recommending state had to draft action-oriented UPR recommendations and make explicit linkages with SDG targets, and Other stakeholders prepared a joint CSO submission and related advocacy activities. Each group was also introduced to UPR Info’s database.