UPR recommendations lack specificity, say UPR Info and 18 NGOs

UPR Info and 18 NGOs made a joint statement during the 25th session of the Human Rights Council to regret the lack of specific recommendations at the UPR second cycle.

At the general debate under item 6, Roland Chauville, Executive Director of UPR Info, called on States for a “qualitative leap regarding the precision of recommendations”. According on UPR Info's data, the number of specific recommendations had fallen since the beginning of the second cycle. The statement therefore asked States to make more specific and action-oriented recommendations by using all resources at hand to reach this aim, notably by meeting with NGOs and using concluding observations from treaty bodies.

Without a specific action contained in each recommendation, it will be hard for a State under Review to understand what is required from it and it will make it difficult to assess, four years later, the level of implementation of the recommendation.