UPR Info's new website is online!

Website launch banner

We are thrilled to see you here!

UPR Info has been working behind the scenes to offer our public a better online experience. We thought it was time to revamp our website to improve access to information and make it more user friendly and enjoyable whilst fulfilling our goal of being the go-to place for all UPR related information.

"When you allow people to have access to information, you empower them." This message has guided us in the development of the new website. The new home page takes you immediately to what you need to know about the UPR mechanism: sessions, information by country, deadlines and a timeline that highlights the key dates of the UPR process of your country.  

The new website allows you to navigate through the different stages of the mechanism and at the same time to view the latest news and information from social networks.

Among the new features of our website, you will find pages specifically dedicated to the various stakeholders: states, civil society organizationsnational human rights institutionsparliamentarians, the media, the youth, and UN Agencies. Any actor can easily learn about their role in the UPR as well as the different ways in which they can engage with the mechanism.

In the country specific pages, you have direct access to all the UPR documents related to that State under Review,   their stage in the timeline of the UPR cycle and news about UPR impact or UPR Info's work.  The country pages also gives direct access to the UPR database of recommendations.

Beyond providing detailed information about the UPR mechanism, our website focuses on showing much more clearly what we do and how we work with different stakeholders through our programmes. So, if you are interested in contacting us or actively participating in one of our initiatives, you will know who to contact and have more information about how we do our training processes and activities to support you in your advocacy processes.

We have given you an overview of the main features, but of course there is much more to discover! UPR Info is always looking to improve its tools and offer the best user experience, so if you have any comments or remarks to make, don't hesitate to let us know.

We hope you enjoy our website as much as we enjoyed making it.