NGOs express disappointment at the HRC Review process

On March 18, 29 NGOs delivered a joint statement at the Human Rights Council (HRC) to express their disappointment at the new UPR modalities contained in the Outcome of the HRC Review. This statement was a follow-up to a joint submission made to the HRC Review first Working Group session last October. Then, 39 organisations had called on the HRC to improve seven key modalities of the UPR.

The joint statement of Friday the 18th, made orally under item 6 of the HRC 16th session on behalf of Geneva for Human Rights, assessed which of those seven proposals had been included in the Outcome and called on the HRC and States to continue to improve the UPR mechanism in practice through the second cycle.

This statement was coordinated by UPR Info and diffused in the Human Rights Law Resource Centre Monthly Bulletin of April 2011.