Mexico and the Mid-term Implementation Assessment

UPR Info released recently the Mid-Term Implementation Assessment (MIA) on Mexico. It was an important report, commented by several NGOs and addressing almost every recommendation received by Mexico. However, the MIA did not include the response of the State of Mexico.

UPR Info expresses its deep appreciation for the willingness of the Mexican government to participate in its Follow-up Programme. Mexico's positive response to our request shows its commitment to the improvement of the human rights situation both on a national and an international level.

Mexico sent us a very detailed report of more than 500 pages, which dealt comprehensively with all human rights mechanisms and international obligations of the state. Unfortunately, as the report did not only deal with the UPR recommendations, on which our "follow-up" programme focuses, and, due to the difference in methodology and the report's extent, UPR Info was, regrettably, unable to incorporate the information provided by the Mexican government into its MIA.

Generally, in the interests of balance and comprehensiveness, UPR Info attempts to include in its MIAs comments provided by the State under review, NGOs, and the National Human Rights Institution. Our inability to include Mexico's comments in the MIA, although unfortunate, does not adversely affect the quality of the NGOs' comments which participated in the Programme, but rather the implementation level, which would have been higher had we been able to take into account the State's participation.

For the sake of clarity we publish the letter we received from the Ambassador of Mexico to the United Nations.

We take the opportunity to thank Mexico for its willingness to collaborate, and we salute its efforts aiming at being transparent.
Countries: Mexico