India changes the wording of the recommendations they accepted

In the framework of its Universal Periodic Review, the delegation of India modified the wording of certain recommendations in order to accept them.

India received 169 recommendations during their review on 24 May 2012. In a written response submitted on 17 September to the Human Rights Council, the delegation listed the 67 recommendations they accepted. In 11 of these recommendations however, the original wording of the report of the working group had been altered.

While 3 or 4 changes were purely editorial, some recommendations were merged, cut or altered notably to remove requests to "withdraw its reservation to Article 16 of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women" and to "take proactive measures to address the issue of impunity, such as swift and independent investigations". Theses changes were not clearly indicated and one had to look carefully at the 67 recommendations to find out.

According to the practices and modalities of the UPR, recommendations cannot be altered after report has been adopted by the Working Group 48 hours after the review. They can be altered however between the review and the adoption during this 48 hour window but the changes must be indicated in the report by footnotes.

UPR Info's analysis of India's responses

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