Debate over the list of speakers!

The fourth UPR session has to face a new procedural problem: the extensive list of States willing to take the floor. First, due to long queues to enrol on the list of speakers, the time was extended to 25 minutes before the normal time to enrol (half a day before the review). Second, too many States are willing to participate to accommodate them all within the 2 hours allocated.
During the 3 first sessions, only the reviews on Algeria, South Africa, Ghana, Sri Lanka and United Arab Emirates faced such a situation. Unread statements would be posted on the OHCHR extranet but not included in the Report of the Working Group.

During the present session, this situation occurred during the 5 first reviews. Hence, a small debate, to be continued, started between States during the adoption of the Report of the Working Group (RWG) of Germany. On one hand, the Czech Republic on behalf of the European Union and Canada expressed concerns that those numerous unread statements are indeed not included in the RWG. Canada declared that they would be for its own review and suggested that the list of speakers should be open so that all States willing to register could and that the time could be then divided among speakers. On the other hand, Pakistan and South Africa said the adoption of the RWG is not the time and place to discuss this matter but plenary sessions under item 6.