Change of deadline for NGO submissions at UPR 23, 24, 25, and 26

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has recently extended the deadline for civil society submissions to four UPR Working Group sessions:

    UPR 23 (2-13 November 2015): new deadline: 23 March 2015
    UPR 24 (Jan/Feb 2016): new deadline: 22 June 2015
    UPR 25 (April/May 2016): new deadline: 21 September 2015
    UPR 26 (Oct/Nov 2016): new deadline: 21 March 2016

UPR Info welcomes these extensions as we believe a submission date closer to the review ensures more accurate reports by civil society organisations (CSOs) and we thank the OHCHR for hearing CSOs' call to extend the deadlines. Please note that the new deadlines are not final and we encourage you to visit our website again closer to the date.