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UPR Info Pre-sessions: Empowering human rights voices from the ground

UPR Info, December 2016
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The Butterfly Effect: Spreading Good Practices of UPR Implementation

UPR Info, November 2016
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Ensuring sustainable UPR Implementation

UPR Info, 01 September 2016
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Identifying best practices: An analysis of national reports

UPR Info, November 2015
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A Guide for Recommending States at the UPR

UPR Info, September 2015
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Starting all over again? An analysis of the links between the 1st and 2nd UPR cycle

UPR Info, January 2015
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Beyond Promises - the impact of the UPR on the ground

UPR Info, October 2014
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On the Road to Implementation

UPR Info, October 2012
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Analytical Assessment of the UPR 2008-2010

UPR Info, 05 October 2010
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