The Secretariat manages the daily business and operational activities of UPR Info. It implements its policies, runs its programmes and ensures a timely and efficient use of funds.

The Director of the Secretariat reports to UPR Info’s Executive Board on the implementation of the organisation’s strategy. She/He represents the organisation and, with the team, helps maintain and develop relations with partner stakeholders.

Mona M'bikay

Executive Director

Stakeholders and Engagement Programe

Nicoletta Zappile

Deputy Director, Programmes

Policy and Advocacy Programme

João Rebelo

Programme Manager

Camille Miguet

Programme Officer

In Country Programme

Nargiz Arupova

Senior Programme Manager

Laura Sinner

Regional Coordinator

Axel Etoundi

Africa Regional Advisor

Digital Innovation & Knowledge Management (DIKM)

Claudia C. Caicedo C

Senior Programme Manager

Finances & Administration

Daniel Mueller

Finance Manager