Follow up النيجر

Follow-up programme (2015-2016)

For four years (2011-2014), UPR Info published 165 country assessments on the implementation of UPR recommendations at mid-term, that is, in between two UPRs. Throughout the evaluation of over 11,500 recommendations, two publications, Beyond Promises (October 2014) and On the road to implementation (October 2012) detailed how all UPR stakeholders faced the challenge of implementing human rights obligations. The publications stressed the success of the UPR: at mid-term, 48% of recommendations triggered actions by the government. All documentation of the former Follow-up Project is available here.

Based on that unique expertise, UPR Info is sharing this information with all relevant stakeholders. With the support of UPR Info's regional office in Nairobi, Kenya, we aim to go beyond the promises and commitments of the Human Rights Council and to make sure that the success of the UPR is a success for all right-holders. A publication, The Butterfly Effect (November 2016), build on the best practices witnessed over nine years of UPR implementation.

Since 2015, UPR Info has been organising various trainings and workshops with civil society, and trainings and dialogues with governments in the following countries (links on the left).


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