Live monitoring

UPR Info works to ensure that the reviews that take place in Geneva, at the UPR Working Group Sessions, extend beyond the Palais des Nations and reach all stakeholder on the ground. One way we work to ensure this is through live monitoring the meetings on Twitter, posting information about the reviews on Facebook, and by making the UN Webcasts available.

Each of these platforms allow UPR Stakeholders to engage with the Geneva based section of the UPR cycle and are accessible here:




You can also read, in English, the statements UPR Info delivers at the Human Rights Council regarding the UPR:

  • General debate under item 6, 22 September 2014:

Statement sharing the results of a new study by UPR Info: 48% of recommendations produce results on the ground at mid-term.

  • General debate under item 6, 24 June 2014:

Statement commending States for the increase in the number of mid-term reports being published.

  • General debate under item 6, 21 March 2014:

Statement, on behalf of 19 ONGs, regretting the lack of specificity of UPR recommendations.

  • General debate under item 6, 23 September 2013:

Statement to support the letter issued by the Human Rights Council President clarifying the format of UPR Working Group reports.

  • General debate under item 6, 10 June 2013:

Statement, on behalf of 77 NGOs, on the format of the Working Group report.

  • General debate under item 6, 15 March 2013:

Statement, delivered jointly with the International Service for Human Rights, on the non-cooperation of States with the UPR.

  • General debate under item 6, 21 September 2012:

Statement, delivered jointly with Conectas Direitos Humanos and Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, on the negotiations of recommendations among States at the UPR.

  • General debate under item 6, 29 June 2012:

Statement on the failure by "Recommending States" to follow-up on their own recommendations during the second cycle.