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This unique feature enables the viewer to access statistics drawn from our database of UPR recommendations accross several categories: State under Review, recommending State, regional group, organisation, response, session, thematic issue and type of action.
These statistics allow you to quickly determine the most active States, the issues raised the most and much more useful information for your participation at the UPR.
Each table is organised from highest to lowest by number of recommendations made or received.
Feel free to take the data provided below for your own use. You may contact us with any queries or feedback at the following address:
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A total of 30256 recommendations from session 1 to 16 were made.
A total of 10146 recommendations containing a specific action (category 5) were made.
A total of 31 countries did not make any recommendation.

The top 5 States under Review are:

1. Cuba (534)
2. Russian Federation (365)
3. Uzbekistan (346)
4. Bangladesh (332)
5. Canada (330)
The top 5 recommending States are:

1. Canada (1054)
2. Spain (982)
3. France (958)
4. Norway (919)
5. Mexico (813)
The top 5 issues raised are:

1. International instruments (6163)
2. Women's rights (5308)
3. Rights of the Child (5024)
4. Torture and other CID treatment (2402)
5. Justice (2222)

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